Frequenty Asked Questions

We can easily maneuver our dumpers anywhere you need them.

Can I put tires in your dumpster?


We are unable to accept them and landfills will not accept them. You can find a local facility or a tire shop that will accept them. 

Can I put liquid, such as paint in cans, in the dumpster?

We can accept paint as long as it’s soaked up with sand and put in a separate garbage bag.

How soon can you deliver a dumpster?

 We offer same day or next day delivery.

Do I have to pay up front for a dumpster?

Yes, we are a small business and we appreciate payment up front. We accept personal checks, credit cards and cash. 

If I finish early, can I get it picked up earlier than scheduled?

Yes, normally we can pick them back up same day or next day.

Will my Homeowners Association allow your dumpster on my property?

Yes, our dumpsters are temporary registered motor vehicles, they are not roll-offs, and they will not harm a subdivision of any kind (such as heavy trucks, etc.). We have no regulations or stipulations that we cannot enter – never had any problems with HOA’s.