Testimonials for junk removal in Houston Junk and Galveston

We can maneuver into any hard to get areas such as enclosed garages, backyards, alley ways.

While in Houston visiting some relatives and helping them clean out their home, I called Junk It Mobile Dumpsters and was very pleased with the service and price.  Darren, the owner, delivered a dumpster on wheels and parked it in the backyard which was really convenient.  We needed to remove stuff from the backyard and having the dumpster so easily available saved us steps and time.  Thank you Darren for all of your help! Sandra C. Houston, TX

 It has been 2 years since my mother passed away and we were finally  getting to the task of cleaning out her stuff.  While so much of it  could be donated it became clear that there was also a lot of stuff  lying around that just needed to be thrown out.  I was only in town for 5  days and found myself googling dumpster rentals.  I called them at 10  in the morning on Monday (my first day in town) and the dumpster was  delivered by 1.  Talk about lightning fast.  They parked it beautifully  and it was so nice that it is on rubber wheels so it didn't scratch the  driveway.  We filled it and filled it.  And they picked it up the next  Monday after I had returned home.  It was exactly what we needed.  I  would recommend it to anyone.  I wonder if this will become an annual  thanksgiving week tradition at my dad's house!!!!  Jamie H. Southlake, TX

 I first became aware of Junk It Dumpsters when I saw one parked in the  parking lot of a business that was closing. I thought it was just the  size I needed to clean out some of the junk I had accumulated over the  years. I gave them a call and Darren brought a dumpster right out. He  put the dumpster exactly where I wanted it, and he was courteous,  professional and friendly. I filled the dumpster up over a weekend,  called Darren, and he came and picked it up within a day. I have used  him several times since then ( home remodeling, garage clean-out, misc.  junk). He has always accommodated my schedule, and the prices are very  reasonable and competitive. I highly recommend Junk It Mobile Dumpsters!  Linda A. Pearland, TX