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Get Rid of Junk Taking Up Space in Your Home

Get Rid of Junk Taking Up Space in Your Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the unwanted items you have taking up space in your home? Are you tired of using your extra space or guest bedroom as a “junk room”. Our team can help you. We provide convenient dumpster rentals that make it easy for you to take on your junk removal project so you can declutter your home.

Our dumpsters come in a variety of sizes so you can get started decluttering by going room by room, or by taking on your entire living space. If you need help loading the big stuff, a member of our team can help you to load your junk into a dumpster for an additional cost.

If you are ready to declutter your space and have a clutter free home, reach out to Junk It Mobile Dumpsters today. Our team can’t wait to help you feel good about the home you live in.

The Spruce recommends decluttering your space room by room and recommends decluttering your house by getting rid of the items listed below.

5 Things to Get Rid of in the Kitchen

Plastic silverware: Unless you often eat on the go, you don’t need plastic silverware to take up space when you already have proper silverware in your home. Take the plastic silverware to work and stash them in your desk when you need extra silverware for your packed lunch.

Condiment packets: No one needs to save condiment packets from fast-food restaurants. Buy bottles of ketchup and mustard and toss those extra bits of plastic.

Unitaskers: Gadgets that only serve one purpose sometimes look cool when you find them but take up space because you don’t use them frequently. Common unitaskers include quesadilla makers; avocado, egg, and strawberry slicers; herb scissors; and bagel cutters. If you haven’t used it for over a year, it’s time to recycle, donate, or consign it.

Mismatched or warped food storage containers: Go through your drawer of food storage containers and match every container to its top. Check to see if any are warped or otherwise unusable. Recycle anything you can’t use.

Expired pantry items: Spices lose their flavor over time, and other pantry staples, such as flour and sugar, don’t perform as well after some time as fresh ingredients. If you haven’t used a pantry item for six months, consider getting rid of it.

Appliances you never use: If you haven’t used a device in over a year, you likely will not use it. If it’s broken, and you’ve gone a long time without it, do you need it? Go ahead and toss it. Also, inventory your appliances to see if you have duplicates. For example, if you have a multifunction device like an Instapot, think about donating or rehoming a veggie steamer, rice cooker, and slow cooker.

10 Things to Get Rid of in Your Office

Newspapers: Newspapers more than two days old should be recycled. Unless there’s a mention of your child or an article you need, toss any old newspapers. If you want to keep an article, clip it, and file it appropriately.

Pens with no ink: If a pen isn’t working, you don’t need it.

Power cords you can no longer use: If you’re unsure if you can throw it out, create a storage bin and label it “cords.” You can’t use old power cords for newer devices in most cases.

Magazines more than two months old: Magazines are tricky because they often contain recipes or articles you’re hoping to read. If you’re serious about a recipe or article, clip it, and store it correctly (or look to see if the recipe is printed online). You should recycle everything else.

Expired coupons: These are useless—recycle them.

Old cell phones: There’s no good reason to keep these, as they are likely outdated and just taking up space. You can donate old cell phones to organizations like Cell Phones for Soldiers, which uses the proceeds from donated cell phones to send prepaid international calling cards to troops.

Last year’s calendar: People hang onto these intending to transfer important dates from one year to the next. You have until January 31 of the new year to complete that task, but recycle it if you take longer than that.

Greeting cards: Some greeting cards have sentimental value, with a handwritten, heartfelt message. Most, however, are generic “happy birthday” cards that lose their significance minutes after they’re read. Recycle them.

Receipts: Some receipts should be saved, primarily if they represent tax-deductible purchases or items you need to try on. Otherwise, you should pitch them. Alternatively, get out ahead of clutter by opting for digital receipts or scanning and digitally filing the paper receipts.

Old crafting supplies: Unless you’re an avid crafter, you are likely the proud owner of a dried-out bottle of glue, various spools of ribbon, and other miscellaneous items that are now useless or unlikely to be used. Get rid of the things that no longer work as expected and donate other items to an elementary school art teacher or local YMCA.

Dumpster Rental Discounts in Houston TX

The team at Junk It Mobile Dumpsters is dedicated to keeping our rates lower than the other dumpster rental companies in the area. We understand how overwhelming it can be to try to dispose of a large portion of trash all at once, this is why we work to keep our dumpsters accessible with our competitive rates and friendly customer service. From small clean-ups to major construction and remodeling projects, our dumpsters can help you keep your space clean and clear.

Do you have dumpster rental questions? Give us a call! We can help you select the right size dumpster for your clean-up needs and answer any questions you may have about the services we provide.


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